Doctor Stefanie Steiner founded Infinite Vitality Centers (IVC) to focus on a back to basics form of prevention. No one wants to get old. But a long life without good health and energy is counterproductive. However, the absence of disease doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is altogether well. “My greatest hope is that men who are 60 will feel like they’re 40. Even those who are in their 40s can experience the pain-free potency they did 20 years ago.”

Dr.  Steiner, DO, is  a board-certified family and anti-aging regenerative medicine physician. We strive  to have compassion and objectivity men value when discussing symptoms associated with aging.

IVC is a medical company that specializes in concierge medicine to treat and manage the signs and symptoms associated with hormone imbalance and decreasing levels that occur with age. Feeling fatigued, having a weakened body, having a low libido, depression and so on — don’t have to be an inevitable part of the aging process.

Get back in the game!IVC’s purpose is to help patients take control of their health and wellness, to give patients access to an alternative to traditional medicine practices. IVC focuses on optimal health because we believe that the absence of disease does not equal wellness. Our program does not rely on radical surgery or a cure all pill.

We offer a customized health plan created for each individual that seeks to improve overall health, well being and vitality. Through extensive examination of hormones, organ systems, toxin levels and personal habits we can determine the best course of treatment to create optimal health and help prevent health problems. This can be done by mimicking natural hormone production by restoring desired hormone levels as well as creating a customized vitamin and mineral program.