Infinite Vitality Centers (IVC)

Welcome! This website will introduce you to the exciting benefits of Male Hormone Therapy.   We provide treatment for “LOW T” as well as overall hormone imbalance.  The male hormone Testosterone is responsible for a lot that goes on inside the male body and testosterone levels can make an enormous difference
in everything you do, how you feel, and even how you think! There is no magic, it’s just how testosterone works . It even affects your confidence by increasing your physical vitality,  strength,  mental alertness, and agility.

Benefits of Male Hormone Therapy:

  • Increased Vitality
  • Strength
  • Energy
  • Feel Younger
  • Sleep Better
  • Improve Mood
  • Higher Performance
  • Mental Sharpness & Agility
  • Confidence!

As men age beyond 30-40, the hormone levels tend to decrease, and by age 50 changes are becoming well noticed!
This is known as Andropause. Gradually, men generally go through physical, sexual and psychological changes. All men experience a decline in male hormones with age, but some men’s levels drop lower than others and they become a shadow of their former self.

So, stay in the game or get back in the game with male hormone therapy at Infinite Vitality Centers (IVC)


Sure it’s great to exercise, but after a full day at work it takes energy to go for a run, play with the kids, or go to the gym. Male Hormone therapy provides the extra energy needed to engage in that exercise, and that exercise, in turn, increases energy, muscle toughness, and strength. Better body performance and fitness also increases mental sharpness, agility, and develops greater psychological confidence! It all begins with testing your levels of the male hormones and IVC can help you to safely increase those levels and enjoy the many benefits. We are the only medical facility in the Delaware Valley that is solely dedicated to mens hormone therapy. Its all we do!